Mehdi Ghafourifar's Official Bio

Mehdi Ghafourifar is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and author with more than 25 years of successful entrepreneurship, C-level executive, board of directors, and social innovation experience in for profit and non-profit sectors. His life’s work has been dedicated to using business, technology, and media to bring about positive social change and global citizenry.

Throughout his career, Mehdi has successfully raised millions of dollars in equity capital, built critical partnerships and alliances, and has sold, merged, and acquired a number of ventures. His experience spans 350 business categories including software, health, energy, financial services, travel, entertainment, retail, education, business & professional services, real estate, and manufacturing.

From 2003 to present, Mehdi has served as the Chairman of Pillarton Corporation, a Silicon Valley strategic advisory firm that provides capital, management, as well as mergers & acquisitions services to emerging and rapidly expanding companies. He also serves on the Growth and Business Forces at Entefy Inc., an artificial intelligence communication company that is building the first AI-powered universal communicator for everyone and everything.

Mehdi is the founder of Univetica, a social initiative dedicated to helping more people make better decisions more often, in life, in business, and in education. He is the author of the groundbreaking book, Univetica: Compelling Change, as well as a series of interdisciplinary, query-based curricula for junior high, high school, and university education. He is also the author of Univetica's Practical Approach to Critical Thinking which takes critical and innovative thought processes to new heights.

In support of various non-profit groups, Mehdi’s contributions include serving as a member of Schools for Humanity’s Board of Directors, former member of Pars Equality Center's Board of Directors, and former member of Hiller Aviation Institute's Board of Director.

Other accomplishments include building the largest B2B membership organization in Silicon Valley, creating the Tradius payment system, the first fully-integrated global payment system including proprietary currency, credit card, and online services, and developing the BeMatched publishing platform, a robust network solution aimed at bringing clarity and open access to the worlds of education and publishing. He is also the Executive Producer of the feature documentary, Iran: Hot Tea, Cool Conversations, aimed at promoting citizen diplomacy and cultural education.

Mehdi lives in California with his wife and two children.



Mehdi is responsible for key inventions in multi-seller electronic marketplaces, real-time credit and private payment processing, and secure web-accessible databases. Further, Mehdi is a named inventor on several currently pending patents in communication, user privacy, and data security. More...

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